Nintendo Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector


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  • Have A Better Feel Than The Original Screen:Full coverage of the Nintendo controller’s screen, it can be closely attached to your controller, more comprehensive protection, no warping and dust entry! Tempered glass materials have been processed at high temperatures and continuously tested. We believe that 9H high hardness can effectively resist the scratching and rubbing of your screen surface caused by the damage of sharp objects! The tempered film can make your screen not easy to scratch, resisting all kinds of sharp objects from scratching the screen, and avoiding the damage caused by various bumps on your screen!
  • Clear and Transparent: We use imported high-aluminum materials, the upgrade process makes the whole glass flatter, the light transmittance is high, and the light transmission loss is small, giving you a better feeling than the original screen! Long-term use, eyes are not easy to fatigue, can better protect eyesight.
  • Light and Thin, Sensitive to Touch: In order to pursue better quality, we use a whole piece of glass for cutting, from 0.8MM to 0.33MM thickness. After our continuous test and cutting, we believe that the thickness of 0.33MM better reflects the sensitivity of the touch! Effectively perceive every touch of your finger! Easily and quickly sense the touch of your fingers, making the operation more sensitive and convenient, and better experience the smoothness of the game, bringing you more happiness!
  • Automatic Adsorption: Constantly upgrading our crafts only for better products for you! We use high-quality anti-static adsorption film, the upgraded tempered film is easier and more convenient than before. You can automatically absorb and quickly remove the air with a single tap of your finger in the center of the screen! No longer have to worry about complicated operations and damage the tempered film!
  • High Hardness,Scratch proof: The glass material is processed by high-temperature steel, the surface hardness can reach 8 – 9 h, double-layer diamond plated crystal coating, and the tempered film is subjected to secondary strengthening process, so that the tempered film can withstand the impact resistance, strong impact resistance and not easy to be scratched. The high-end silicone film is laminated to make the tempered glass, the protection screen is more complete and more humanized, even if it is broken, it will not splash.
  • Round and Not Curled, Seamless Fit: Adopt nano-polymer full-glue process. The 2.5D chamfered arc-shaped edge design fits snugly to the corners, making the entire host edge smooth and effective, fully fitting the entire screen, freely inserting and unplugging, without the base of the card, reducing external impact! The new upgraded 9D curved surface process, the edges are too rounded, the touch is smoother, and seamlessly fits your game console!
  • Waterproof Features: Vacuum coating process, surface plating coating effectively isolates and dilutes oil stains, oil drainage coating products are oily and antifouling, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, fingerprint resistant, and long-lasting protection of the screen as clean as new.

Installation Guide

Step1:Clean screen with wet wipes. Step2:Dry screen with cloth. Step3:Dedusting screen. Step4:Glass installation.

Packing List

1 * Tempered Glass Screen Protector( With retail package) 1 * Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 1 * Cleaning Prep Pad 2 * Thumbsticks Caps

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